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Cardiovascular Report Summer 2013

Articles in This Issue


  • A Patient Remembers His Heart Transplant Almost 30 Years Ago
    While the field has advanced, some challenges remain.  


  • Shifting Gears: When the Intended Treatment Needs Rethinking
    Specialists at Johns Hopkins and Suburban Hospital collaborate to help patients with complex and unusual problems.

Vascular Surgery

  • Three Appointments in One
    Specialists at Johns Hopkins' diabetic foot and wound clinic provide coordinated care to prevent amputations.

Clinical Research

  • An Eye-Opening Assessment of the Commonly Used LDL Calculation
    The Friedewald equation is often inaccurate for high-risk patients, a Johns Hopkins study finds.

Complex Lead Extraction

  • An ICD Infection Caught In Time
    Extensive experience and surgical back-up are crucial when handing difficult lead extractions.