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NeuroLogic Fall 2013

Articles in This Issue

Cover Story

  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital Is a Comprehensive Stroke Center
    Certification by the Joint Commission means providing a level of care that few hospitals are able to deliver.

Brain Tumor

  • Fat, the Cancer Fighter
    Stem cells from a patient's own fat may have the potential to deliver new treatments directly to the brain.


  • Offering Patients Capital Care
    People who live near Washington, D.C., can see Johns Hopkins neurosurgeons in their own community without having to travel to Baltimore.


  • Epilepsy Patients Lend a Hand
    How people awaiting surgery for seizures are helping to usher in a new era of prosthetics for those who have lost an arm through trauma or disease.

Brain Aneurysms

  • Offering a Cure for Cerebral Aneurysms
    Johns Hopkins neurosurgeons are performing a new type of surgery that offers the possibility to remove cerebral aneurysms completely.