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Inside Tract Summer 2013

Articles in This Issue

Cover Story

  • Gastroparesis: Looking at a Breakthrough
    Could endoscopic stent placement play a role in the treatment of people whose stomachs do not empty properly?

At the Bench

  • Hemorrhagic E. coli: A Therapy on the Way?
    Johns Hopkins molecular biologist Olga Kovbasnjuk has made inroads in clarifying how bacteria that carry the Shiga toxin cross the gut wall and enter the bloodstream.


  • Ultrasonic Endoscopy: New Hope in the Toughest Cases
    For patients with malignant biliary obstruction, a better way to place an internal stent.


  • The Case for Live Donor Liver Transplants
    Under skilled hands and with standardized protocols, living donors can significantly shorten the wait time for a patient in need.

The Director's Desk

  • Old Therapies as Stepping Stones