About Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Surgery | Q&A

Transplant surgeon Niraj Desai explains the pancreas transplant operation, the combined pancreas and kidney transplant and quality of life for patients after the surgery.

Questions answered:
1. Describe what you do. (0:11)
2. Briefly describe the pancreas transplant procedure. (0:21)
3. Briefly describe the combination pancreas and kidney transplant procedure. (1:18)
4. Describe the pancreas after kidney transplant procedure. (2:11)
5. What is the quality of life for patients with pancreas transplant? (2:29)
6. What is the quality of life after a combined pancreas/kidney transplant? (3:36)
7. How long do the transplanted organs last? (4:20)
8. Are there advantages of the combined procedure -- relating to rejection and immunosuppression? (4:44)
9. What can a patient expect after surgery and what kind of follow up is needed? (5:26)
10. What is the long term follow up routine? (6:10)
11. Why should someone choose Johns Hopkins for pancreas and kidney transplant? (6:26)

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