Psychiatry Grand Rounds: “Life stories and engagement in underserved populations: Meeting mental health and SUD needs in the community”

This is a six-minute synopsis of the hour-long presentation that Denis Antoine, M.D., FAPA, FASAM, presented at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Psychiatry Grand Rounds on “Stigma and engagement in underserved populations: meeting mental health and substance disorders needs in the community”.

The Life Story Perspective focuses on the Settings, Sequence and Outcomes that a person may  encounter over their life and how that might play a role in their mental illness or substance use disorder. Using this perspective, providers can try to find ways to rescript the setting, sequence and outcome that might better fit the person’s background and hopefully maximize the person’s success over time. Dr. Antoine shares his experience of how serving at the community setting helps overcome obstacles and improves the outcomes for individuals.

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Denis Antoine, MD

Denis Antoine, MD

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