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Caring for Patients with Arterial Disease


The Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center vascular surgery team includes, from left, nurse practitioner Jennifer Massetti, Chief of the Johns Hopkins Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery James Black, and vascular surgeon Rebecca Marmor. (Photo by Keith Weller) 

Since joining the Johns Hopkins Division of Vascular Surgery, Rebecca Marmor and her team have specialized in open and endovascular treatments for a wide range of conditions, including minimally invasive interventions for peripheral arterial disease, aortic aneurysms, carotid disease, venous disease and dialysis access.

Based at the Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center, Marmor, who is board certified in general surgery, vascular surgery and clinical informatics, is part of a broad interdisciplinary team devoted to managing patients across the continuum of care.

“It’s not uncommon that a patient will start seeing us for one issue and we eventually take care of a multitude of issues for them,” she says. “They might have been referred for dialysis access, but what they’re really concerned about is a toe wound that hasn’t healed. So, we develop a comprehensive plan to address all of their vascular issues. Peripheral arterial disease, chronic kidney disease, carotid stenosis — these are all disease processes that have similar risk factors.”

The vascular team also works closely with specialists in nephrology, neurology and cardiology. The team stays in close contact with referring physicians as well, addressing patients’ questions and working closely to develop a streamlined care plan.

At her clinic, Marmor provides patient-centered care through a system designed to get patients their vascular studies and clinic appointments on the same day. Patients meet with Marmor an hour or two tests are conducted to review the findings, discuss treatment options and make a plan. “It’s all pretty seamless,” she says.

Marmor and her team can also operate at The Johns Hopkins Hospital when a patient requires certain kinds of specialized care, including aortic aneurysm treatment and cardiac anesthesia. Marmor is part of the Johns Hopkins surgical team in Baltimore, and she sees patients before surgery and for follow-up care at the Howard County Medical Center.

The clinic in Columbia boasts the advantages of free parking and easy scheduling at convenient suburban locations. In addition to the clinic at the medical center, Marmor sees patients in the inpatient units and the emergency department. And since the Howard County Medical Center is an accredited stroke center, she often performs consults for patients who have had strokes or who have carotid stenosis, and she can continue care for them as outpatients at the medical center or in Baltimore.

Marmor enjoys collaborating closely with physicians in the community to help take care of their patients. She shares updates as patient status changes, including good news such as improving blood flow to heal a wound or getting an arteriovenous fistula up and working.

To refer a patient, call 410-955-5165.

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