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Momentum and Hope through Discovery


January 01, 2017


Partin: Pioneering work, exciting research.

It has been called the “invisible” cancer, because bladder cancer research has been desperately underfunded. With the help of two philanthropists, Stephanie Cooper Greenberg and Erwin L. Greenberg, we created the Greenberg Bladder Cancer
Institute, the first of its kind in the world. Now after an international search, we have the Institute’s first Director, David McConkey. We have so much exciting news about our bladder cancer research and treatment that we made this our cover story. In related stories , you’ll read about our pioneering work on engineering a new bladder; on who will benefit from chemotherapy before surgery; and more.
We remain at the forefront of prostate cancer research and treatment, as well. In a new study, our scientists show that the current recommended cutoff for prostate cancer at age 75 is missing cancer that really needs to be treated. We discuss new findings that some high-grade PIN is actually established cancer ; that if you quit smoking, you are less likely to die of prostate cancer; and we continue our reporting of how prostate cancer is different in African American men. We also highlight the exciting multidisciplinary research you have helped make possible with this year’s Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund winners. We bring you the latest news in kidney and testicular cancer, including the use of new immune-boosting drugs to treat metastatic kidney tumors. As always, we have more happening than we have room in these pages to tell you about, and as always, our momentum brings us great hope and excitement for the future.

Best wishes,
Alan W. Partin, M.D., Ph.D.
Jakurski Family Director and
Chairman of The Brady Urological Institute

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