Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) | Q&A

Mouen Khashab, assistant professor of medicine and director of therapeutic endoscopy, discusses peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM)—how it is performed, who is eligible for the procedure, expected outcomes and the key benefits.

Questions answered:
1. What is POEM? (0:11)
2. What is esophageal achalasia? (0:30)
3. Who does this condition affect and what symptoms are common? (1:20)
4. How is POEM performed? (1:46)
5. Who is eligible for the procedure? (3:12)
6. What are the expected outcomes? (3:36)
7. What are the key benefits of POEM? (3:54)

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Mouen Khashab, MD

Mouen Khashab, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Director of Therapeutic Endoscopy Associate Professor of Medicine Languages: English, Arabic Expertise: Clinical Gastroenterology, Digestive Diseases, Gastric Cancer, Gastroenterology, Stomach Cancer Research Interests: spasmatic ...

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